Scottsdale, Arizona
February 10th – February 12th 2015
Hosted By:  CBRE
JDM: Panelist - General

This year’s theme, Capital – Inside Cycles, Outside Borders will explore the variety of factors contributing to the continued elimination of capital’s boundaries and offer insights into emerging opportunities. As investors seek to enhance global yields, it has become increasingly important to understand investment and economic cycles across markets, as well as property types and the corresponding risks. This knowledge enables investors to define a stronger investment strategy designed to deliver against their individual and corporate goals. However, the ability to realize extraordinary results requires thinking differently and applying a broader and deeper perspective. The 2015 CBRE Investor Symposium will challenge conventional thinking and invite guests to develop new and innovative ideas and approaches for future strategies.

Program Highlights: Dissecting Global Capital Flows; Mapping Cycles to Understand Risk; Macroeconomic Trends; Commercial RE Mega Trends – Investing for the future; Trade Analysis – What’s Happening Now? What’s Happening Next?