About Palisades Capital Realty

Palisades Capital Realty Advisors is a boutique commercial real estate firm that provides customized, single source investment solutions for private clients in the U.S. and Latin America. The Palisades approach is to use its unique expertise to identify strategic assets in recovering markets that have not yet hit the general investment radar. The company targets investments in emerging suburban markets that offer opportunities to acquire high-quality real estate assets at well-below replacement cost for high net worth individuals, family office clients and institutional entities.

Why PAlisades capital?

  • a team with a proven track record building, growing and managing multi-billion dollar investing and operating businesses
  • strategic and disciplined investors & operators
  • built huge suburban, west coast footprint – deals, relationships, suppliers
  • deep domain expertise in all facets of the asset life cycle
  • reputation as industry leader with unyielding integrity



Mission and Values

missions and values

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet